Travel Handmade Jewelry Roll

by Heather on September 19, 2012

Its my turn!


Travel Handmade with The Sewing Summit
My contribution to the travel homemade is a jewelry roll. In some ways I think that sounds so old fashioned, but it is something that I really enjoy taking with me so I don’t lose earrings.
Supply/Cutting List:
1 – 12″x8″ Outer fabric
1 – 12″x8″ Inner fabric
1 – 12″x8″ Batting or flannel
2 – 3.5″x8″ Pocket fabric
1 – 7″x8″ Pocket fabric
30″ ribbon or twill tape (3/8″ – 3/4″ works best)
50″ length 2.5″ bias binding
2 – 8″ minimum length nylon coil zippers
zipper foot
First shorten your zippers to 8″, if needed. If you need instructions, there are lots of tutorials out there on how to shorten a zipper.
Working with the 7.5″x8″ pocket fabric, fold in half, wrong sides together, so that the fabric is now 3.5″-ishx8″. Press well and edge stitch along the folded edge.
Put the zipper foot onto your sewing machine. Line up the first zipper and the folded piece of fabric. The above fabric shows how it will go together after sewing. Flip over the folded fabric and line up the raw edge with the edge of the zipper tape.
Sew using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Flip over the seam allowance so that the zipper is exposed.
Topstitch 1/8″ away from the edge of the folded fabric. Thats the hardest part of the whole project. Now we do it again.
Line up one of the 3.5″x8″ pocket fabric pieces with the other edge of the zipper. Attach using the same method.
Then add the other zipper to the bottom raw edge of the previous piece. Make sure the zippers are going the same direction, this avoids confusion later, trust me. After attaching the zipper, attach the last piece of pocket fabric to the very bottom. Set aside.
Pick up all the 12″x8″ fabrics and batting and make a quilt like sandwich. All fabrics should be right side out with the batting in the middle.
Lay the set aside zipper panel on top of the sandwich, aligning the raw bottom edges. Baste along the edges to hold everything together temporarily.
Now is the time when you get to audition all the circular things in your house or immediate area for the most pleasing “curve” for the edge. My winner was a pillar candle holder. Using this as a guide, cut all the corners into a roundish shape.
And then, you get to make your pocket dividers. I like to divide each pocket into a small and large pocket. Determine your sizing and starting at the topstitching by the zipper, back stitch,  then stitch a straight line until you reach the next topstitching, back stitch again. This should go through all layers to further attach everything together. Repeat for the other pockets. The top section is open and does not have a zipper, but I always divide up that too. If this is confusing, check out the next couple of pictures to see the stitching.
This step is super important. Stitch along the topstitching for each pocket to create the pocket bottom. But don’t sew the zipper shut. I always think of it as stitching above each zipper. You will know if you do this wrong.
Here is your graffiti photo because I’m not sure I’m making any sense at all. You’re welcome.
[Pretend there is an awesome picture of bias binding being applied here using your favorite method. I don’t judge, but I hand stitched it down, like a quilt. ]
Divide the twill tape or ribbon into 3rds.
On the outside edge, at the top of the jewelry roll, stitch on the twill tape at one of the 1/3 fold lines created in the previous step. This is a good amount to wrap around and still be able to tie into a pretty bow.
Load it up!
While it is possible to change the closure to velcro or a snap, one big plus to having the ties is being able to hang this off the hook in the bathroom or on a hanger in your room.


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