by Heather on December 4, 2013

Blogging once every six months is good, right?

In the last few months, I have:

– written a book, turned it in, made more quilts than I EVER thought possible and yet I can’t show any of them to the world

– created three patterns under my own name, those I CAN show and I WILL in the next few days

– went to fall quilt market (fun and work all at the same time, met some AMAZING people)

– moved to a new house and a bigger sewing studio

– my darling husband started a new, exciting job. (okay, I didn’t do this one, but trust me, it affects me)

– was in charge of marching band uniforms (super fun, but a much bigger commitment than I realized)

I am so excited for the next few months and into 2014!! Lots of really exciting stuff coming up and I have some stuff I am so proud of to show off!

I don’t always blog on a regular basis, but I try to instragram every day. If you don’t follow me, my links are over to the right!

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