Giveaway!! Craftsy Giveaway!! So Excited!!

by Heather on July 2, 2013

PSSSTTTT… can win something, keep reading to the bottom!

I’ve been making the fabulous Tinker Tote from TinkerFrog!

I met Tara at Spring Market in Portland, OR and didn’t even know she had a Craftsy Quilting Class coming out! Her bags are incredible. This class covers a couple of projects, starting with a pot holder to get your feet wet into the fine world of Quilt-As-You-Go, then onto her signature bag. I’ve done other projects in the Quilt-As-You-Go style, but this class goes over some problems that you might encounter (uh, yeah, been there) and how to solve them as well as fabric selection.

I love Craftsy classes. While I would love to go take in person classes from all of these fabulous instructors, these classes are much cheaper than a whole day workshop and I don’t have to get out of my slippers nor reschedule any kids activities. I can watch as little or as much as I want and constantly refer back if I get confused. The best thing about classes is getting the insider tips from the teachers. Most instructors prattle a little bit while working and you, as the student, can learn valuable insights into the teacher’s thought process. You don’t get this when buying a printed pattern.

Craftsy has generously donated a single class, Tara’s Tinker Tote class, for me to giveaway. I wish I had a pretty picture for you, but mine is not quite done yet. In case you are chuckling right now, yes, it has been started!!! Follow me on Instagram or Twitter to see my process over the next couple of days. I’m making a bag to match my beach quilt (you know to carry sunscreen, my kindle, probably half my kids stuff that they take to the beach, etc).

To enter, just follow this link: Fiberosity’s Craftsy Class Giveaway. Entries will close at the end of the day MDT, on July 9, 2013. Good luck and tell all your friends!!




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